David Chapman

6 Oct 2021 | Victoria Park Plaza, London

Industry expert

David Chapman

David Chapman

University of Birmingham , professor of geotechnical and underground engineering

David Chapman is Professor of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering within the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with more than 30 years experience of managing and conducting research related to buried infrastructure, such as pipelines and tunnels, and in particular aspects of soil-structure interaction. He also has an interest in how best to assess the condition of buried assets, including the ground, using in situ sensors and geophysical techniques.

He is Technical Director for the National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF) currently being constructed on the University of Birmingham campus, which forms part of the UK Collaboratorium for Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC).

The author on more than 150 technical papers, he is on the editorial board for the Tunnelling and Underground Space journal and also author of the successful book titled ‘Introduction to Tunnel Construction’, now in its second edition.

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