6 October 2021 | Park Plaza London Riverbank



DYWIDAG- providing leading geotechnical engineering solutions including products, technical advice, testing, surveying, and monitoring.

Infrastructure construction and management is achieved using full lifetime designs and materials with up to 120 design life. Applications such as Soil Nailing, Micro-piling and Ground Anchoring appear in many sectors including deep basements, cofferdams, bridge abutments, slope stabilisation and heritage structures, quarries, Rail, Highways, Coastal protection, Rivers & Canals.

DYWIDAG core values are to provide,SAFER, STRONGER & SMARTER solutions for Infrastructure.

The DYWIDAG comprehensive approach provides technical advice based on the requirements of the whole solution not just the individual components. By providing a specialist elemental technical service, DYWIDAG solutions provide value engineered proposals, technical certainty, safe solutions, and long-term asset management.

DYWIDAG is a global organisation with the ability to draw on experience from around the world. We also understand the sensitivities and differing demands of local markets, the environment and sustainability.

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