26 Mar 2019 | Cavendish Conference Centre, London



We support sustainable development and operation of infrastructure by providing insight from geo-data. Our international team of monitoring experts work with clients to:

  • acquire a broad range of data from natural and man-made environments
  • carry out sophisticated analysis
  • provide advice to support safe, efficient construction and targeted maintenance

Monitoring is just part of our broad geoscience role; we test, measure, map and investigate almost anything - almost anywhere. Clients take advantage of this comprehensive capability to gain a deep understanding of the natural and man-made environment. We provide support throughout the asset life, from monitoring programmes at the design and construction stage to long term structural health monitoring.

We understand the ground and the way engineered structures interact with it, so can design the most effective instrumentation and monitoring solutions for cost-effective and reliable performance. Working across the engineering spectrum we develop and deploy measurement systems for the routine to the most demanding bespoke applications. Our Gaia Insight portal puts the information at your fingertips, allowing you to see what’s important as it happens and to make the right engineering decisions.


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